Endgame-Strategies-Logo-150x150Endgame Strategies provides strategic, policy-driven advocacy with policymakers and influence centers in the national public policy community.

Broad Strategic Counsel. Your organization needs senior counsel on the legislative process and how particular issues are likely to be handled by congressional leadership, opportunities to impact their substance, and the prospects for success. Endgame Strategies, by bringing direct experience with congressional leadership both from a majority and minority perspective, can identify and shape opportunities for high-impact engagement.

Intelligence-Gathering. Endgame Strategies closely follows the policy activities on Capitol Hill and can provide your organization the raw information coupled with interpretation and judgment so that you can predict future results and act according to your interests.

Conquering Complexity. Difficult issues demand sophisticated analysis and advocacy, whether the challenge is technical, legal, or political. Endgame Strategies has worked with highly complex issues and will ensure that your organization’s concerns and positions are fully understood and then communicated effectively.

Creative Coalition-Building. Your organization has an issue that should be of interest to the national policy community, whether through trade associations, non-profit advocacy groups, think tanks, or specific economic interests. Endgame Strategies can assist you in making those connections and building unique alliances that will advance your policy interests.

Special Focus on Senate and House Judiciary Committees. Your organization seeks to be heard within the Judiciary Committees on civil justice, antitrust, bankruptcy, immigration, patents, trademarks, copyrights, criminal justice, or constitutional matters, and you need a firm with experience with each body. Endgame Strategies can employ its legal and legislative background with these issues and work directly within those committees.

Mastering the Senate. Your organization has an interest in a matter that has proven controversial and you require specific advocacy before those senators who may exercise their prerogatives. Endgame Strategies will advise you how to manage your interests in a legislative environment that gives great power to individual senators.

Representative client matters have included:

  • Supporting the September 11 community as lead congressional advocate for the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a multi-year effort that successfully amended the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the Anti-Terrorism Act. JASTA ensured that foreign states that support and fund terrorism in the United States can be held accountable in American courts, and was enacted over a presidential veto, the only veto override of the Obama Presidency.
  • Aiding a national 501(c)(3) organization in its effort to reform civil forfeiture laws and to limit occupational licensing requirements that undermine Americans’ ability to earn a living.
  • Advocating for patent, competition, and drug approval policies that ensure that the America Invents Act and Hatch-Waxman Act function as designed.
  • Providing pro bono assistance to an entrepreneur whose product was unjustly targeted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Advising a Silicon Valley venture capitalist on the efficacy of a Homeland Security-related start-up opportunity.
  • Serving one the nation’s most sophisticated 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organizations as a long term policy and legislative strategist.
  • Guiding a community-based non-profit advocacy group on how best to protect the local citizenry in a zoning and land use fight with an economically powerful Indian tribe that was seeking congressional intervention.
  • Counseling leadership of a state-based 501(c)(3) entity in Hawaii regarding congressional efforts to enable some members of the Native Hawaiian community to form an Indian tribe.

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